FLIR G343: High-Performance Infrared Camera for Precise Thermal Imaging

FLIR G343: High-Performance Infrared Camera for Precise Thermal Imaging

The FLIR G343 is an advanced infrared camera designed to provide high-resolution thermal imaging for various applications. With its impressive features and capabilities, the FLIR G343 stands out as a powerful tool for professionals in industries such as industrial inspection, scientific research, and gas detection. Let’s delve into the key specifications and features of this cutting-edge thermal imaging camera:

Technical Specifications:

  1. IR Resolution: The FLIR G343 boasts a thermal resolution of 320 × 240, equating to 76,800 pixels. This high resolution enables precise and detailed thermal imaging.
  2. Detector Pitch: The camera features a detector pitch of 30 μm, enhancing the accuracy of temperature measurements.
  3. Spectral Range: The FLIR G343 operates within a spectral range of 4.2 µm to 4.4 µm, making it suitable for a wide range of thermal applications.

Imaging & Optical Features:

  • Adjustable Viewfinder: Equipped with a built-in tiltable OLED viewfinder with 800 × 480 pixels, providing flexibility for comfortable viewing.
  • Camera f-number: The camera’s f-number is 1.59, enabling excellent light sensitivity and image quality.
  • Color LCD: The FLIR G343 features a 4-inch, 640 × 480-pixel rotatable, and touchscreen LCD for easy operation and image analysis.
  • Color Palettes: Users can choose from various color palettes, including Arctic, White hot, Black hot, Iron, Lava, Rainbow, and Rainbow HC, to suit their specific needs.
  • Field of View: The camera offers a wide field of view at 14.5° × 10.8°, enabling comprehensive coverage of the target area.
  • Focus: The FLIR G343 supports both Auto and Manual focus options for precise focusing on the desired object.
  • Image Modes: Users can capture images in different modes, such as IR image, visual image, high sensitivity mode (HSM), and noise reduction filter.
  • Laser Spot: The camera includes a laser spot feature for accurate targeting and measurement.
  • MPEG Video Recording: The FLIR G343 allows users to record MPEG videos to the memory card for later analysis.

Measurement & Analysis:

  • Gas Sensitivity: With a gas sensitivity of CO₂ <1.1 ppm x m, the camera is effective in detecting minute gas emissions.
  • Recording Options: The MultiREC Recording feature enables users to record multiple files automatically in a customizable order.
  • Spot Meter: The camera includes ten spot meters for precise temperature measurements.
  • Thermal Sensitivity: The FLIR G343 offers high thermal sensitivity of <15 mK @ 30°C (86°F), ensuring accurate thermal imaging even for subtle temperature variations.

Communication & Data Storage:

  • Communication Interfaces: The camera supports USB 2.0, Bluetooth via headset, Wi-Fi, and HDMI for versatile connectivity options.
  • Image File Format: Images are saved in standard JPEG format with included measurement data.
  • Cloud Services: Via Wi-Fi, users can utilize FLIR Ignite for direct, secure image uploading, organizing, storage, and sharing.
  • GPS & Location Data: Built-in GPS automatically adds location data to every still image and the first frame of video.

Power & Battery

  • Battery Operating Time: The rechargeable Li-ion battery offers over 2.5 hours of operating time at 25°C (68°F) under typical use.
  • Charging Time: The battery can be charged to 95% capacity in approximately 2.5 hours, with charging status indicated by LEDs.

Environmental & Certifications:

  • Certifications: The FLIR G343 meets various international certifications, including RoHS, WEEE, RED, EMC, and others.
  • Encapsulation: The camera has an IP54 rating, providing resistance against dust and water.


The FLIR G343 thermal imaging camera offers unmatched infrared resolution, precise temperature measurements, and advanced features for a wide range of applications. With its robust design and high-quality imaging capabilities, the FLIR G343 is a valuable tool for professionals seeking reliable and accurate thermal imaging solutions.

For more information, product comparisons, and related documents, please visit the official FLIR website.

Benefits of FLIR G343:

  1. High Resolution Thermal Imaging: The FLIR G343 offers a high thermal resolution of 320 × 240 (76,800 pixels), providing sharp and detailed thermal images for accurate analysis and detection of temperature variations.
  2. Precise Temperature Measurement: With a thermal sensitivity of <15 mK @ 30°C (86°F), the FLIR G343 can detect even subtle temperature differences, enabling precise temperature measurement in various scenarios.
  3. Wide Spectral Range: Operating within a spectral range of 4.2 µm to 4.4 µm, the camera can be used for diverse applications, including gas detection, electrical inspections, building diagnostics, and more.
  4. Versatile Imaging Modes: The camera offers various imaging modes, including IR image, visual image, high sensitivity mode (HSM), and noise reduction filter, allowing users to tailor their imaging to specific requirements.
  5. Flexible Viewfinder and LCD: Equipped with a tiltable OLED viewfinder and a rotatable touchscreen LCD, the FLIR G343 provides user-friendly operation and customizable viewing angles for enhanced comfort.
  6. Gas Sensitivity for Emissions Detection: The FLIR G343’s gas sensitivity of CO₂ <1.1 ppm x m makes it a valuable tool for optical gas imaging (OGI) applications, enabling the visualization of gas leaks and emissions.
  7. Laser Spot and Spot Meters: The built-in laser spot feature ensures precise targeting, while the ten spot meters allow users to measure temperatures at specific points of interest.
  8. Multiple Color Palettes: The availability of multiple color palettes, such as Arctic, White hot, Black hot, Iron, Lava, Rainbow, and Rainbow HC, enhances image visualization and data analysis.
  9. Video Recording and Storage Options: The camera supports MPEG video recording and saves images in standard JPEG format, facilitating post-capture analysis and documentation.
  10. Cloud Services and GPS: Via Wi-Fi connectivity, users can leverage FLIR Ignite for secure image uploading, organization, storage, and sharing. The built-in GPS automatically adds location data to images and videos.

Applications of FLIR G343:

  1. Industrial Inspections: The FLIR G343 is ideal for industrial applications, including predictive maintenance, electrical inspections, and monitoring mechanical equipment for abnormalities and potential failures.
  2. Gas Leak Detection: Its high gas sensitivity and OGI capabilities make the FLIR G343 suitable for detecting and visualizing gas leaks in industrial facilities, refineries, and petrochemical plants.
  3. Building Diagnostics: The camera can be used for building inspections to identify heat loss, moisture intrusion, and insulation issues, helping improve energy efficiency and identify potential structural problems.
  4. Research and Scientific Studies: With its precise temperature measurement and high-resolution imaging, the FLIR G343 supports scientific research in fields like material analysis, biology, and geology.
  5. Security and Surveillance: The camera can be used for perimeter security, monitoring temperature changes in critical infrastructure, and identifying potential security threats.
  6. Environmental Monitoring: The FLIR G343 can assist in monitoring and assessing environmental conditions, such as detecting heat signatures in wildlife surveys or assessing the impact of climate change.
  7. Firefighting and Public Safety: In firefighting operations, the camera can be used for search and rescue missions, identifying hotspots, and assessing fire behavior.
  8. Oil and Gas Industry: The FLIR G343 aids in monitoring equipment, detecting gas leaks, and ensuring the safety of personnel in oil and gas facilities.
  9. Research and Development: In R&D settings, the camera can be used to study thermal properties of materials, test prototypes, and conduct experiments requiring thermal imaging.

Overall, the FLIR G343’s exceptional features and wide-ranging applications make it a valuable tool for professionals across various industries, enabling them to carry out critical tasks more efficiently and accurately.

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