Thermographic Industrial Inspection Solutions

For hardworking professionals in predictive maintenance, electrical, and building inspection, the most valuable tools are the ones that increase work efficiency and help them identify potential problems before they lead to expensive repairs. Whether it’s your responsibility to maintain a factory’s uptime or keep the power flowing through distribution networks, thermal camera solutions offer the flexibility, precision, and features needed to inspect equipment safely and prevent breakdowns. These high-quality thermal imaging cameras pair outstanding range and resolution with the ergonomics professional thermographers need to work comfortably all day long.


Whether they’re producing energy from coal, natural gas, biofuels, wind, solar, or nuclear, power generation stations need the right tools to perform thorough surveys, prevent equipment failures, maintain safety, and maximize perimeter protection.


Substations require 24/7 remote monitoring, accurate intrusion detection, and regular preventative maintenance to ensure power flows reliably. This means having the right tools to inspect everything from load tap changers and circuit breakers insulated with SF6 to a security alarm event, so personnel can respond to problems quickly.


Businesses and neighborhoods need reliable power to keep everything running smoothly. It’s up to service providers and electricians to catch failing fuses, plan repairs, and get things fixed before they turn critical.

Thermal Inspection Cameras and solutions


Perform thorough surveys, prevent equipment failures, and maintain safety with routine inspections using a 640 × 480 handheld thermal imaging camera. The higher resolution detector allows inspectors to stand at a safe distance when surveying potentially hazardous targets.

Flir E96 Thermal inspection Camera


Improve plant reliability and avoid unexpected downtime through routine inspection with a rugged, handheld Exx-Series camera. Vibrant thermal images help manufacturing and facilities inspectors spot overheating equipment so they can immediately diagnose the issue, begin repairs, and prevent equipment failures.


Improve energy efficiency and discover insulation voids, roof leaks, HVAC deficiencies and more with the Exx-Series. Instead of wasting time hunting for the problem, users can quickly validate the need for comprehensive repairs and demonstrate the extent of the damage through easily-interpreted thermal images.

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