Thermal Imaging Facility Management

Thermal Imaging technology is widely used within facility management because it is an extremely cost effective way to evaluated buildings and operating machinery without being intrusive or destructive.Benefits of using thermal imaging within Facility Management include:
- Thermal imaging survey provides you with a full image of the situation (Digital image & thermographic image)
- Measure temperatures effectively and record information found
- Identify and locate an issue before it becomes a non repairable problem and issue repair orders
- Tell you exactly what needs to be fixed - and pinpoint exactly where in large areas to reduce building and system downtime
Thermal Imaging Facility Management

Risk Management

Thermographic inspections used for facility management to indicate anomalies and indicate temperature differential in electrical and building infrastructure. This is known as thermography or radiometric thermal imaging and applied to open switchyards, electrical panels, distribution boards, switches, tap offs, bus bars, and other electrical items. Our inspections utilise Load Correction electrical formula that helps to assess electrical components.These formula offer:Load Corrected temperature which estimates temperature based on maximum load Fault severity taken from differential between Load Corr and British Standard cable Reference temp set at 75C (65-85C) Maximum amps that can be safely run without exceeding the BS Reference temperature set at 75C (65-85C)
Used for:
- Asset management
- Health & Safety Monitoring
- Preventative & predictive maintenance
- Condition Monitoring

Reporting Technology

Ti Thermal Imaging Limited offer the latest reporting technology TICOR, which generates reports instantly onsite so you can see problems and faults immediately. All reports are then sent to WEBCOR maintenance manager for online access to your inspections that can be viewed worldwide.