FLIR G-Series: Advanced Optical Gas Imaging Cameras for Efficient Leak Detection

FLIR G-Series: Advanced Optical Gas Imaging Cameras for Efficient Leak Detection

The new FLIR G-Series features a family of 7 high-tech, cooled-core optical gas imaging (OGI) cameras that can help leak detection and repair (LDAR) professionals seamlessly locate and document harmful gas emissions. With their cutting-edge technology and advanced features, these cameras empower engineers across industries like oil and gas, manufacturing, steel, and other. What makes the new G series FLIR cameras worth investing is their utilities to effortlessly locate and document harmful gas emissions, ensuring enhanced safety and efficiency.

Key Features of the G-Series:

The new G series is known for its amazing features. Lets have a look at them:

Advanced Cooled-Core Cameras: Equipped with cooled-core technology, the G-Series cameras deliver precise and accurate detection of gas emissions. This enables engineers with reliable results.

Seamless Leak Detection and Documentation: The G-Series cameras enable LDAR professionals to effortlessly locate and document gas leaks, streamlining the prioritization of repair efforts and improving overall efficiency.

Wireless Connectivity: All G-Series camera models offer wireless connectivity. So engineers can now automatically upload and store images and videos in the FLIR Ignite cloud software in the field. This feature ensures convenient data management and easy accessibility.

Compatibility with Third-Party Analysis Software: The cameras are designed to be compatible with third-party analysis software. The simple application enables engineers to easily share captured content with colleagues worldwide for further review, analysis, and processing.

Quick-Swap Interchangeable Lenses: The G-Series cameras provide the flexibility of quick-swap interchangeable lenses. This allows engineers to inspect gas leaks from various distances with ease, enhancing versatility in the field.

Hydrocarbon and VOC Emissions Detection: Specifically designed for the oil and gas industry, models like the G620, Gx320, and Gx620 accurately detect and quantify hydrocarbon, fugitive gas, and other volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions, providing engineers with valuable insights for efficient maintenance.

Enhanced Safety and Efficiency: Teledyne FLIR has integrated ATEX ratings, OOOOa sensitivity compliance, and an ergonomic rotatable touchscreen into the G-Series cameras. These features amplify the safety and efficiency factor by manifold.

Utility Inspection Capabilities: Models like the G306 and G343 offer superior image quality and advanced features. These features facilitates the detection of sulfur hexafluoride and carbon dioxide. This aids engineers in maintaining electrical equipment with precision.

Plant Environment Optimization: The G346 and G304 models provide an effective method for detecting carbon monoxide or refrigerant leaks. This great feature enables engineers to address potential safety and productivity issues in the plant environment proactively.

User-Friendly Design: The G-Series cameras prioritize user ergonomics, featuring a rotatable touchscreen LCD for maximum efficiency in the field. With user friendly designs, engineers are more comfortable using the camera for stretched time period.


The Teledyne FLIR G-Series optical gas imaging cameras combine state-of-the-art technology, wireless connectivity, advanced detection capabilities, and user-friendly design to empower engineers in various industries. To order or learn more about the G-Series, please reach out to us at Ti Thermal is FLIRs distributor in the middle east region.  We offer camera models, demonstrations, and technical clarifications to assist you in making an informed decision.