Discover the Power of FLIR ONE® EDGE SERIES: Elevating Thermal Imaging to New Heights

Discover the Power of FLIR ONE® EDGE SERIES: Elevating Thermal Imaging to New Heights

The FLIR ONE® EDGE SERIES is a game-changer in the world of thermal imaging, offering an impressive array of features that redefine how you approach inspections and imaging tasks. Whether you’re a professional in the field or an enthusiast exploring new horizons, this cutting-edge technology is designed to empower you. Let’s dive into the details:

  1. Versatile Mobility-Flexible Attachment: The FLIR ONE EDGE SERIES can seamlessly work either attached or detached from your mobile device. This adaptability allows you to explore spaces and inspect objects from various angles, making it a valuable tool for overcoming obstacles and accessing hard-to-reach areas with ease.
  1. Remote Control-Capture at a Distance: With the capability for remote capture and control at distances exceeding 5 meters (16 feet), this series offers unparalleled convenience. Now you can safely inspect dangerous or inaccessible targets from a safe vantage point.
  1. Universal CompatibilityiOS and Android Integration: The FLIR ONE EDGE SERIES is compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems, ensuring your investment remains valuable regardless of your device preference. Say goodbye to the hassle of replacing the thermal camera when you upgrade your device – it’s all about adaptability.
  1. Image Enhancement-Sharper Clarity with MSX: The incorporation of MSX technology enhances image clarity. The feature makes it easier than ever to pinpoint issues and anomalies in your thermal imagery.

VividIR for Enhanced Detail: The Edge Pro model takes things a step further with VividIR; which eliminates blur and significantly improves detail, providing you with a crystal-clear view.

  1. Enterprise Volume PurchasesCost-Effective Scalability: The Teledyne FLIR EDGE Series is the ideal solution for enterprise volume purchases. Its affordability enables scalable deployment to numerous users within an organization, reducing program costs significantly.
  1. “Deskless” Services-Seamless Mobile Integration: The series seamlessly integrates with mobile devices through FLIR Tools Mobile, enabling “deskless” services. This facilitates applications such as SAP integration and micro-learning in thermography via mobile devices.
  1. Rugged Durability-Built to Last: The FLIR ONE EDGE SERIES is designed to withstand the rigors of demanding environments, with an IP54 moisture resistance rating and the ability to survive a 2-meter drop.
  1. Wireless Freedom-Inspect Anywhere: The wireless design of the FLIR ONE EDGE SERIES empowers professionals to reach areas that were once challenging to access. It offers the flexibility to see over, under, and around obstacles, providing a versatile and unrestricted perspective for inspections.
  1. Secure Remote Operation-Monitor Hazardous Targets Safely: The remote operation capability of the FLIR ONE EDGE SERIES allows thermographers to put the camera inside sealed spaces or monitor dangerous targets from a safe distance. This not only enhances safety but also expands the range of applications where thermal imaging can be effectively utilized.
  1. Boosted Productivity-FLIR ONE APP with IGNITE ENABLED: Take your productivity to the next level with the FLIR ONE APP. It simplifies the process of capturing, editing, and sharing thermal images. IGNITE ENABLED features include many features like automatic file uploads and anytime-anywhere access. Additionally, a bunch of other features like secure online storage, editing and reporting tools, collaboration, and flexible data plans aids in catering to your specific workflow needs.

The FLIR ONE EDGE SERIES represents a revolution in thermal imaging, offering an unparalleled blend of flexibility, convenience, and high-quality imaging. Whether you’re tackling professional inspections or indulging in your passion for exploration, this series empowers you to see the world in a whole new light. Invest in the future of thermal imaging technology with and discover the power of FLIR ONE EDGE SERIES. To know more visit us, or send a mail to


Discover the Power of FLIR ONE® EDGE SERIES: