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Thermography is a tool for recording nearest surface temperatures and our expert engineers have the ability to correctly set up their cameras with the right object parameters for the given situation. Our high level training ensures that we correctly assess the inspection and apply the required thermographic technique. We will ensure that the correct object parameters are input prior to any inspection commencement including emissivity, ambient and t-refl temperatures, distance, humidity and any other associated values required for accurate thermographic image interpretation. We offer premium grade thermography for any application where there is either a temperature or emissivity differential so that anomalies can be observed and expertly reported on utilising one of our purpose built TICOR modules. Examples are shown as follows but not limited to and all of our inspections follow the same basic specification to guarantee the best results possible:

Professional Thermographic Inspections

• Level II-III engineers with electrical qualifications and extensive building application experience.
• Large format FLIR Thermal Imaging Cameras
• TICOR Android Instant reporting software
• WEBCOR online campaign and inspection management system offering Dashboard, Inspection status, Inventory with equipment image and inspection history, Individual problems section with user status management of problems, trend section with equipment or items automatically set to the highest increases between inspections
• Live and updatable report by the reader
• WEBCOR companion app delivering problems and trend data direct to your iOS or Android smartphone via regular WEBCOR login.

Electrical Inspections

• All panels removed where acceptable, safe to do so and on the Permit to Work
• All electrical equipment/panels/cubicles etc inspected have their own individual trend page which includes a thermogram and digital image, ambient, measured and delta T trending of temperature
• Trending compares data automatically between inspections. Last four thermograms are included on each page and all trend data is captured and displayed in a table and also in graphical format for Measured, Ambient and Delta T (meas/Amb) to allow for condition monitoring of equipment.
• Detailed fault pages including Load correction formula is utilised during the inspection.

Using component rating, actual load, measured temp and ambient temp, the following values are produced:

o Load corr temp: estimate of component temp if operating at 100% load
o Fault severity based on load corr temp – ref temp (from BS7671)
o Estimation of maximum amps to apply whilst keeping temperature beneath reference temp (BS7671)

• Visual inspection included to help with your compliance of 17th edition BS7671.
• Partial Discharge included (upon request) for high level overview of PD status. If PD is found we suggest a return visit utilising our
• Instant report generation which can be emailed to the client at the end of the inspection
• One click upload to WEBCOR for instant client access to inspection data

Building Inspections

• BREEAM grade advanced building inspections
• Full envelope inspection and assessment between internal and external areas.
• Thermal indexing to help identify areas of excessive energy loss with the use of Isotherms on the thermograms at external/internal threshold temperatures
• Severity grading of faults found
• Fault pages to include Anomaly, Root Cause and Remedial suggestions
• Full suite of thermal images supplied unencumbered by isotherms at common scale for easy comparison between areas.
• Provision of direct comparison between pre and post remedial work on the same trend page
• Inclusion of drone imaging where specified for higher level buildings

Subsurface Water Leaks/ Roofing Inspections

• Inspection specific time scales applied to roof applications to take advantage of differential in thermal mass between wet and dry roof insulation
• Qualification process prior to subsurface water leak inspection to ensure the best results are achieved
• Fault pages to include Anomaly, Root Cause and Remedial suggestions
• Full suite of thermal images supplied of all areas
• Provision of direct comparison between pre and post remedial work on the same trend page
• Inclusion of drone imaging where specified for larger roof areas or where walk-in is not optimising results.

Oil And Gas

• Application of electrical, process, CUI type thermal imaging and Optical Gas Imaging
• Dedicated measurement module for measurement and direct level trending of sand levels within separators and other process vessels.
o Specific thermogram setting to optimise level identification
o Use of trigonometry to measure sand/sludge level
o Levels displayed as cm in table format
o Levels displayed as cm and % in graph format
o Direct trending between periodic inspection
o Choose which inspections to compare with each other, turn these levels on and off within the graph
• Specific OGI module
o Capture still and sample images of inspection routes and record as an inventory
o Trend between inspections
o Fault pages to display videos of leakages within WEBCOR

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